Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malaysia oh Malaysia..

I was surfing the internet one day for pictures..and I came across this website which has the picture that I wanted..but it did not let me access the website because apparently I was from a banned country..hmm..

Now just because it is a christian website, why does it make Malaysia banned from visiting it? Not all Malaysians are muslims..sigh..what a wasted website..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exit oh exit..

When people have to use emergency exits, that means that they are in a condition whereby everything must be done quickly..for example during a fire..but take a look at this door..

Padlock? Padlock on a door is normal..but on an emergency door?a bit ridiculous don't you think so?what if there was an emergency and the person lost the key?and then what?


Utar might be a bit cheap compared to other colleges..but i know utar has something that other colleges dont..GAYS..

Haha..beat that Sunway..