Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean

For those of u who have not yet watched POTC,well,i guess u dont know what u are missing in life..its a very nice movie and u should watch it..some of my friends call me 'crazy' or rather 'maniac' in this..to me,its a show worth watching..and i cant get bored from watching it..i've watched it many many times already and still looking foward to watch it again..

For those of u who doesnt know who this is,i suggest that u may go hang yourself..this is the infamous 'captain' Jack Sparrow..and this is the ship which he so desperately wants..the black pearl..

oh yes..in the island of Isla de Muerta lies the cursed treasure of Cortez himself..the greed of Cortez was too great so the heathen gods placed upon the gold a terrible curse..anyone who removes but a single piece from the chest will be cursed to live for eternity as a skeleton..nothing they do will satisfy their hunger,thirst,discomfort or lust..and just so you know,Cortez was not just an imaginary person..he actually did exist in this world..

This is Hernan Cortez..1485-1547..like in the show,Cortez did pillage and plunder a lot and possesed a great amount of treasure..to know more bout Cortez,visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hern%C3%A1n_Cort%C3%A9s

This looks like a weird compass..it doesnt point to the north..so what makes it so special?it points to the things you want most..and it isnt north that we want most,isnt it..in this case,Jack Sparrow uses it to locate the Black Pearl..wish i could have this compass too..

the famous dead man's chest and the key that opens it..the chest contains the beating heart of Davy Jones..he cut out his heart because he cant stand the pain of betrayal caused by his lover..Tia Dalma as she is known in the ealy part of the movie..later in the movie,she will be introduced as Calypso,the sea goddest, responsible for ferrying the souls of those who died at sea to the other world..

Tia Dalma, Calypso bounded in human form..

Captain Barbossa..and his pet monkey..named Jack..yes..named after Jack Sparrow,as an insult.. Barbossa was the one who started the mutiny against Sparrow,and abandon him on an island with nothing but a gun and a single bullet..supposingly used to commit suicide..but Sparrow manage to keep that bullet for 10 years and when the curse was finally lifted,he shot Barbossa with it..cool huh..

The chart owned by Sao Feng was special..it can lead to places normal maps can't take you..to the world and beyond..one such place is the fountain of youth..

those who drink from the fountain of youth will have eternal life and shall not die..

this is one of the 882 pieces of cursed Aztec gold..

One of the nine pirate flags..i couldn't find the the other 8..sad..how sad..

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Lai Choo said...

The Sao Feng's map is very beautiful. Do you think you can put it in bigger size so it can be printed and hang up like the old world map that we have?